The Magic Stove is an energy storing, insulated heater with a lid and a double-acting fan. When the lid is closed, the fan circulates air in the stone space of the heater whenever the heating elements are on. Air recirculation protects the heating elements in the stone chamber from burning and heats the stove stones to a constant temperature.


When the lid is opened, the fan circulates the sauna air through the heater until the desired temperature is reached. The sauna heats up to the desired temperature in an instant because heating the air in the sauna does not require much energy.


The principle of operation of the Magic Stove is easy to understand when compared to the operation of a car heater in winter frosts, which allows the heater to raise the car's internal temperature by up to 50° C compared to the outside temperature. An ordinary, always ready stove is like a car with a heater fan not working. The car heats up slowly, if at all, as all the heat binds to the car’s icy structures. When the heater fan is running, the car heats up in an instant because there is more heat inside than the structures can absorb. The same goes for the Magic stove fan, which brings more heat to the sauna than it takes to bind to the benches, walls, and ceiling.


The large stone capacity in the Magic Stove acts as both a heat storage and a heat exchanger. When the lid is closed, the stove stores the heat and when the lid is open, the stove works as a heat exchanger that transfers the heat in the stones to the sauna. The large surface area of ​​the rugged stones ensures the rapid transfer of heat from the stones to the sauna without compromising the sufficiency of the steam.


Although the fan heats the sauna very quickly, its operation is hardly noticeable. Only the noise of the air passing through the stones is heard. The heated air blown through the heater rises directly to the ceiling. The hot, lightest air spreads on the roof and descends along the walls of the sauna. In this case, the air flow rate decreases imperceptibly with the increase of the cross-sectional area of ​​the flow.


The lid of the stove is opened by the lid opening motor and it closes the lid after the desired time. The opening of the cover is controlled by a push button or motion sensor in the control center and / or sauna and / or changing room.



The Magic Stove is especially suitable for occasional use throughout the day. Where an ordinary heater heats the sauna panels all the time, a sauna with a Magic Stove is hot only hot when the lid is open. In such use, the Magic Stove saves more than half of its energy consumption and, most importantly, extends the panel replacement interval many times over.


The less you use the sauna, the bigger is the savings in electricity and panels. The women's sauna is often underused. The sauna temperature is hot, even if there are no bathers. In such sauna, the Magic Stove can save up to 80% of electricity and almost 100% of panel wear. The standby temperature of the sauna with Magic Stove is 40-50 degrees, which is the same temperature of the corresponding wood burning heater before opening the lid.



The hotel’s Magic Stove has a motion sensor. When the customer goes to the sauna or from the changing room to the washroom, the motion sensor opens the lid of the stove, and the sauna is ready for bath as the customer climbs on the benches.

Alongside the motion sensor, an open button can be installed, for example, in the reception, from where the lid can be opened proactively.

The high tech of the Magic Stove works subtly in the background and the residents of the hotel do not notice any difference to a regular sauna other than that the sauna is not too hot, the benches do not burn, and the steam is pleasantly moist. Magic Stove also expands the hotel’s service level so that the sauna is always available if it is not booked.


Magic Stove is most used in the saunas of shift workplaces and in the gym and exercise facilities of the staff.

In the saunas of shift workplaces, the Magic Stove is used e.g., in more than a hundred fire stations and police station saunas.



In the representative sauna, the Magic stove releases from schedules. If going to a regular sauna is delayed, the sauna will become scorching hot. When there is a Magic Stove in the sauna, the sauna waits at 40-50 degrees when the sauna is on schedule. In the representative sauna, the host can ask if the guest wants a moist, gentle, or dry burning steam.


Sauna bathing in the golf club is random. In bad weather, there are few players, but the need for a sauna is necessary when cold and wet players return from the round. When there is a Magic Stove in the sauna, the sauna is always ready, and the staff does not have to assess whether there are bathers in the saunas today or not.

The Magic Stove is standard on better golf clubs in Finland. There are Magic Stoves in the sauna of more than a hundred golf courses. The first, Tawast Golf has had a Magic Stove since 1995.






Saunasampo Oy is a company that specializes in high-tech saunas, develops, and produces customized Saunasampo stove technology, and is able for real-time remote monitoring of Magic Stoves around the world.


Saunasampo Oy has patented it´s Technology in Europe, USA, Japan, and China






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