Sauna Monitor is an application designed to check your sauna and monitor your sauna online. The Sauna Monitor measures the sauna temperature, relative humidity, and noise level in decibels both during the sauna bathing and while the sauna is waiting for bathers. The sauna monitor stores the measurement data so that you can view any sauna session afterwards.


In the attached Sauna Monitor display, orange shows the sauna temperature, blue the relative humidity of the sauna air and green the sauna noise level in decibels.



Blue shows how the relative humidity drops when the sauna temperature rises and how the humidity rises when water is thrown onto stones. The curve shows how the humidity rises almost vertically and how it decreases slowly. The yellow curve describes loyly, the combined hardness of the temperature and steam. It is the sum of the sauna temperature and relative humidity. Index 120 describes hard loyly. It can come from 60 C temperature and 60% relative humidity or 100 C temperature and 20% relative humidity. You can see from the index whether hard loyly was taken yesterday.


Throwing loyly, water onto stones is an important part of sauna ventilation. Without loyly, the sauna air is layered so that there is the hottest air at the ceiling. The loyly forces the hot air at the ceiling into motion, bringing new fresh air to breathe. Even the slightest loyly breaks down the stratification, as 1,700 liters of steam is generated from one liter of water.


During the 1980's grill heaters, sauna temperatures were too hot like one hundred degrees and then throwing loyly was almost impossible. At that time, it was not yet understood that the electric sauna lacked the draft of the wood burning stove, which had taken care of the ventilation of the sauna. The electric sauna was missing oxygen. Lack of oxygen caused bad feeling, the cause of which was not understood. Various theories were proposed for the cause of the problem The most popular being ion theory. It was thought that throwing water to the bare heating elements developed ions of the wrong sign, plus or minus, one of which was detrimental.


Ion theories evaporated when it began to be realized in the 90's that simply replacing a stove with a wood-burning stove was not enough, but a different ventilation system had to be built on the electric stove to break down the air layering. Heater manufacturers started to spread instructions on how to arrange ventilation in the stove package and it was noticed that the electric stove also gives good loyly.




Sauna Control is coming to the sauna monitor, with which you can control the heating of any electric heater. It supplies timings and sauna different temperature for each timing. The timer works like the calendar function on your mobile phone. Later, measurement of electricity consumption from the heater supply cable will be available.




With the Sauna Monitor you can prevent your smoke sauna from burning. You can check the warming up of the smoke sauna, see when you need add more woods and most importantly make sure that an overdose of the burning wood does not overheat the sauna. All that can be notified on your PC or mobile phone with our Sauna Monitor.




Sauna Monitors measures the temperature and humidity of any room. It can warn of, for example, freezing or excessive moisture. The decibel measurement of the sauna monitor can function as a burglar alarm, as the burglary will inevitably show an increase in the decibel level.




Sauna Monitor consists of a sensor unit installed in the sauna and an internet box installed outside the sauna, which forms a WI-FI connection. A 4 x 0.8 telephone cable is installed between the sensor unit and the net box to transmit digital measurement data to the net box that requires a 12 or 24 V power supply. The sensor unit gets the operating voltage it needs from the net box. 





Saunasampo Oy is a company that specializes in high-tech saunas, develops, and produces customized Saunasampo stove technology, and is able for real-time remote monitoring of Magic Stoves around the world.


Saunasampo Oy has patented it´s Technology in Europe, USA, Japan, and China






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